If we could open the terrace every day…

In Europe, with a lot of luck, terraces usually open from mid-May until the end of September, therefore bars and restaurants only have 1/3 of the year to take advantage of the income the business receives from the terrace, and profit from the investment of the installations.

During the summer season, it would be necessary to deduct the rainy days, when the terrace cannot be used, or even during strong winds and extreme weather conditions where it is impossible to take advantage of the outdoor space. In some cities, these rainy days can be more than 50%. In London, for example, this period between mid-May to mid-September can have an average of 49 days of rain. For a terrace that has an income of 4.000€ daily, it could be able to increase its revenue approximately 200.000€ if it could open during the days of bad weather. If London seems an extreme example, Paris, even though it rains less, during this period it would be roughly 42 days, or 168.000€ of increased revenue.

Is there a solution? In some cases, yes: cover the terrace.


But covering the terrace with an efficient solution: that is integrated in the environment, offering a unique experience to customers through its aesthetic and design. That can be customized to create different settings.

It must be a resistant structure that creates an enjoyable area for customers and practical for owner, and at the same time be able to remove or relocate without a trace, that way many establishments could install “semi-permanent” terraces that can be removed if necessary.


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