THE REAL BUSINESS CASE OF A TERRACE FROM 224.000€ to 750.000€/year

This is a real business case of a terrace that adopted the 365-day terrace solution proposed by Tubbo. It is a well-known terrace in a Northern European country that doesn’t want to be identified.

This establishment used to open, with great success, from June to mid-September 6 days a week. Unfortunately, during this period, due to the rain and strong winds, the establishment closed at least 23 days during this period. This meant about 64 days of profitable activity each summer. As the average income during this period was about 3.500€, the summer terrace was a good business for the establishment with a revenue of approximately 224.000€/year.

In 2016 the owner contacted Tubbo to cover his terrace in order to open every day of the year. The concept is based on creating covered spaces mixed with open areas. The customer chooses where to stay (indoor or outdoor, but always overlooking the sky) depending on the weather conditions. Therefore, we created 4 Tubbo areas, each one of them with a special theme (cocktails, chill out, brewery and eating place).

The main concern of the establishment was to obtain the license to cover part of the terrace. The city council technicians were worried about two issues: the cover should not modify the floor or the facade of the building and should be able to be dismantled without leaving a trace. We assembled a Tubbo so the inspector could verify that it complies with the regulations and the establishment obtained the license

We installed the 4 Tubbo, each one with furniture, lighting and decoration adapted to its use.

The result has been that the terrace won a new look and renewed its appeal for customers that can enjoy the atmosphere day and night every season. Since it opens all year round (approximately 300 working days), even during adverse weather conditions and cold days, the annual income from the terrace for the establishment has increased to more than 750.000€, even taking into account that in winter season sales slightly decrease (around 2.500€/day).

The establishment invested 128,000€ in 4 units of Tubbo of 10 linear meters each, but multiplied its income from the terrace x3 only in the first year. The investment proved an immediate success.

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