The terrace as a hospitality element that increases value


A restaurant, hotel or bar, receives customers in the terrace depending on the value it is able to provide for them. The strategy to add value is based on different combinations of five main factors:


– The first is the quality and originality of the establishments products. This is the strategy of a bar that specializes in certain cocktails or a restaurant recognized for its excellent dishes.


-The second feature to add value is the service, due to the quality of the approach to customers, quick efficiency, or extras, like home delivery.


– The quality of the personnel is a factor that is necessary to insure the quality of the services. The personal attention, proximity, quick response, absence of errors and a polite treatment are well received by customers.


-The location of the establishment, due to its proximity to offices or tourist spots, close to an impressive natural landscape, or an attractive area in the city.


-Last but not least, is the aesthetic quality and comfort of the installations. An environment that doesn’t go visually unnoticed and protects customers (from the sun, rain, exterior noise…) are top priority elements in a terrace.


Many times, terraces use elements that, instead of adding value to the design of the environment, it reduces it, such as enclosures, awnings, sunshades, that lack personality. More and more hotels are making an effort to differentiate their terrace to create atmospheres and decorations that engage customers in an attractive experience.


Added value can be multiplied creating different spaces and areas (playgrounds, smoking areas, restaurants, cocktail bars, music lounge clubs…) that stand out over the competition in the area and offers a wide range of applications for customers.


If, apart from being an attractive solution, it allows the establishment to open all year round, even though it rains or snows, the quality of the terraces installations becomes decisive in the increase of profitability.


Tubbo is an optimum solution for many terraces and rooftops.

-It’s modern, modular and transparent design allows to integrate the terrace in any environment adding value with an eye-catching design.


-Tubbo allows to maintain open the terrace all year round, therefore it is a high profitable investment for hotel owners.


-The robustness of its structure guarantees comfort and safety of the customers even in rainy, windy or cold conditions.


-As it doesn’t require any ground modifications, obtaining permits is a simpler process than other solutions.


-Thanks to its design and material selection, Tubbo has a similar or less cost that other terrace enclosing solutions, with the added advantage that it can easily be removed and relocated in just a couple of hours, if that space requires occasional different uses.


-Tubbo is completely customizable from its exterior, with decorative vinyl’s or projections, to its interior, with lighting, furniture, etc.


If you would like to know more about how Tubbo can increase the revenue of your terrace, don’t doubt to contact us.


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