Is it possible to export the hospitality business model of terraces in cold countries?

In the south of Spain or Italy, it is very common to see terraces open even during the winter, but is it possible to maintain open a terrace in colder locations like Copenhagen, Oslo or Helsinki? The answer is yes and the method of doing so is by sheltering the terrace with a solution that allows to recreate the experience of enjoying the open sky with protection against the cold rain or snow.


Although the shelter must be compact and resistant, it should never lower the aesthetic of the establishment, as it isn’t just about creating a protected space for customers but to establish a pleasant and unique experience through the combination of: product quality, good service and creating an enjoyable atmosphere in the terrace. Most enclosures on the market are required to be fixed to the ground or walls, that is something not permitted by local authorities, apart from also being aesthetically unappealing, therefore should be avoided.

Our Tubbo has been designed with the concept of “Winter Terrace” in mind. It is resistant (it can withstand up to 2 meters of snow), customizable (with furniture, lighting, etc.) and aesthetically attractive. As it doesn’t require ground anchoring and is also easily assembled/ dismantled without modifying the terrain, so it is easier to obtain building permits in most cities and its modern transparent design creates unique atmospheres and experience for customers without losing the essence of the terrace. Ski resorts, hotels, bars, restaurants and spas have already been able to maintain their terrace open all year round with Tubbo.

In this 2 minute video you can find more information of how Tubbo can boost your business.



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