The good weather arrives and terraces are an important added value in the revenue of bars and restaurants. Unfortunately, in September (at most) it will be necessary to close down and lose this income.


If possible, could we have our terrace open all year round? What about the cold? And the rain? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy a meal or a cocktail while gazing the stars at 22º even though outside it’s 4º? This is precisely the attractive aspect of investing in covered terrace systems: to be able to open every day.


In order for this to work, the system must have certain characteristics:


– It must create an enjoyable space, that adds beauty and design to the atmosphere without reducing the aesthetic.

– It must be compact and resistant, asthe customer will want to feel safe.

– At the same time, it must be possible to remove, due to the fact that we will want to give that space different uses depending on the season.




– It shouldn’t require ground anchoring nor civil work, as this complicates building permits.

– It must be attractive due to its design and decoration, in order to convince potential customers in choosing you offer instead of the competition.

– It must be customizable and easy maintain.

For owners of hotels, bars and restaurants, the attractiveness of a terrace is undeniable. The open space and surrounding views are a magnet for customers. Can you imagine earning that extra revenue from your establishments terrace all year round?


If you would like to learn cases of success from business owners who have been able to maintain their terrace open all year, contact us, we will gladly attend you.


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