Tubbo: comfort and safety for cruise passengers

Tubbo, besides creating leisure spaces, is an optimal solution as a transit gallery between buildings and means of transport so that people can move between them in a safe and comfortable environment. A good example is the access to the large luxury cruise ships in each port where they board from the passenger terminal. The most common is that passengers must travel a great distance from the terminal to access to their ship.


In that way they may be surprised by rain or wind that bothers them and ends up creating a negative experience. They may also encounter port and cargo vehicles that pose a risk of being hit.


Tubbo allows creating galleries that facilitate the safe and comfortable transit of the passengers, as well as to facilitate companies to improve the control of access to the ship, as it prevents incursions from the pier on the way from the terminal.


Tubbo, which is becoming a reference as an enclosure to create design spaces in hotel terraces that can be used all year, was born as a gallery of protection for people in transit at ski resorts.


The features of integration in the environment, strength and resistance to winds and snowfall, minimal impact on the soil and its manufacture with easily recyclable elements make Tubbo the ideal solution to cover the ski lifts that are subjected to extreme climatic conditions.

With the same efficiency, Tubbo protects people walking in ports, airports and connections between buildings.

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