End of summer: end of business for the terrace?

Summer is over. The terraces have been the support of restaurants, bars and cafes and the preference of customers, delighted to enjoy their drinks outdoors during the last months. Cold and rain return, and with them, the closing of most terraces in streets, gardens, rooftops and other open spaces.

Does winter also destroy the desire of customers enjoying the sky and the exterior views? We are sure that it is not so. It is only necessary to offer the customer beautiful, comfortable spaces that protect them from the variations in the weather so that they can continue to enjoy and consume in the open spaces and return, filling the terraces and improving the income of the establishments.

For this purpose we designed Tubbo. It is a transparent gallery, with a very attractive and striking avant-garde design that creates a safe and comfortable environment (it can withstand winds of up to 200km /h and snows of up to 1m). And, very important, Tubbo facilitates obtaining licenses, since its installation does not modify or alter the ground nor requires anchor points.

As it is built in modules, it can be adjusted to the needs of almost any space (a Tubbo of about 10m can comfortably accommodate tables for 30 guests). Being transparent allows you to feel like outdoors, but by means of air conditioning and lighting you get a perfect and unique environment for the comfort of customers.

With Tubbo you will be able to keep the terrace open all year round, offering an attraction that will highlight your establishment from the competition and which will result into an important source of extra income for your business, even during the winter season. And in summer, it can be disassembled or configured with sunshades.

If what concerns you is how to afford the investment, you can now have a Tubbo with room for 30 dinners financed by leasing in comfortable fees of less than 1.000€/ month. Do you want us to analyse a personalized study of the profitability you can get in your business with a Tubbo?

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