The specialized press talks about the renovation of Axel Beach Hotels interior design with Tubbo

The specialized magazines Hotel Space and Hotel Designs Magazine from UK, Tophotel News from Germany and Equipamiento Hostelero from Spain have dedicated articles to the innovative interior design of the Axel Hotel.


They have particularly highlighted how Tubbo turns a bland hallway into a virtual surround gallery and how the installation has been simple, clean and quick, due to the modular aspect of the structure, with metal arches covered by transparent and resistant polycarbonate sheets that creates a gallery of modern and elegant design.


Tubbo has already been used in more than a dozen countries for multiple purposes, from interior design, such as the Axel Beach Hotel, to stylish terraces and rooftop bars, restaurants and spas, to protect users from ski lifts in ski resorts, as venues for events and promotions or as pop up store.


With Tubbo you can organize outdoor activities throughout the year, it is easy to obtain license, cost effective and its design contributes to create environments for unique experiences.


In these links you can see the news published by each of the media.


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