Your winter Terrace for Christmas

Is your business ready for Christmas time? Tubbo Gymage Celebrations and parties are coming soon, and meanwhile, hospitality businesses are getting prepared to serve and satisfy excited and hungry guests.

The furniture and the decoration are an important matter when companies set up their winter campaing, an example of it is Ruinart, a brand that take care of every single detail around their style and ambiance. Always classy, always fancy, always looking for the highest standards and customer experience.

Ruinart is the oldest and very first established house of Champagne, exclusively producing champange since 1729. It was founded by Nicolas Ruinart in the city of Reims, did you know that?

The gourmet company trusted Tubbo Outdoor Enclosures to create a unique and fancy space, providing their demanding customers a groundbraking atmosphere to enjoy their favourite beverage.

Winter usually limits hotels and restaurants outside rooftops and terraces, making their outdoor revenue a temporary issue, we are comitted to upgrade and improve hospitality experiences, by extending outdoor seasonal lifecyle by covering and closing seats and tables.

Forget about the rain, forget about the snow and freezing days, open your terrace all year round with us, we are Tubbo, and we are here to make your adventure unforgettable.

As trusted suppliers, we develop a wide range of heating and cooling systems to create the perfect environment for your new concept, maybe is a sushi bar, or maybe a fondue kitchen, or just a chill out to stay cool. What ever is your project, you can create it inside our pipe bubble enclosures!

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