How to differenciate your Restaurant Terrace

It´s one of the biggest challenges that food and beverage managers, general managers and owners have to approach for their outdoor spaces and restaurant terraces: Brand differenciation.

Customers and visitors usually think that rooftops and terraces are an exclusive service provided only for the guests that stays in the hotels, restaurants, resorts, or any other hospitality business.

The occupancy in outdoor spaces is completely related to branding and marketing. It is becoming a trendy need to separate both spaces between the hotel and the terrace, so then, general public can recognize this outdoors as an appealing option to hang out.

A great example of this is Floor17 in Amsterdam, in the 17th Floor of the Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam Rembrandtpark. Have you ever been in their restaurant terrace?

Another excellent success case is Schweizerhof Sky Terrace in Bern, where they trusted Tubbo Outdoor Enclosures to design and decorate a classy and exclusive ambiance around their rooftop terrace. They created a brand new concept out of their main company identity, to invite and receive hundreds of new customers every week.

With this decision, they where able to open their terrace all year round, being always fully booked as resulting the only outdoor space opened during the winter, letting their visitors enjoy their majestic landscape views.

Forget about the rain, forget about the snow and freezing days, we are Tubbo experience, and we are here to make your adventure unforgettable. We are commited to improve your restaurant terraces.

As trusted suppliers, we develop a wide range of heating and cooling systems to create the perfect environment for your new concept, maybe is a chocolate hall, or maybe a beach club, or just a quiet classy room to relax. Whatever is your project, you can create it inside our unique design, eye-catching shelter!

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