All restaurants and bars in mountain locations are getting ready for their high season: winter. In addition to the products and services, their greatest attraction are the wonderful views from their terraces.

Unfortunately, on some winter days when the weather is hard, customers will avoid seating in the terrace due to the wind, rain and snow. With the shorter days and longer nights, it also gets darker sooner, making the temperatures drop considerably. As a result, your business is affected by a reduction in the hours and days when the terrace is available for business.

How to make the most of your terraces for customers

Created with the ski stations in mind, our elegant, transparent tunnel shaped enclosure Tubbo can withstand winds of up to 200km/hour and 1m thick snow accumulations.

Inside a Tubbo, customers can enjoy the wonderful mountain views with controlled temperature and lighting in a comfortable atmosphere every day of the winter, including at night. With Tubbo, your business profits will multiply since you will be able to use your terrace throughout the year.

Tubbo is very easy to transport and install. It does not require any construction work or land modification in the occupied area, and it is a lot more cost effective than any traditional aluminium enclosures with the same dimensions.  And during the summer, customers can enjoy the breeze by setting up an open version featuring awnings.

We have finance solutions that will allow you to benefit from your own Tubbo with a 30 seating capacity for less than €1,000 per month. Do you have a business with a terrace that you cannot open all year long? Don’t hesitate and contact us to discuss all the possibilities!

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