Why is it so essential to create an atmosphere in the hospitality industry?

In order to succeed within a sector with so much supply and so many competitors like the hospitality industry, we must find elements to set our business apart from the rest. Providing a good product is no longer enough. Good value for money alone will not be sufficient. Nowadays, you will need to provide good value and ambience for your customer’s money.

Hospitality businesses must offer spaces, areas, décor and create pleasant environments


Customers are seeking new experiences and, in order to obtain success, hospitality businesses must offer spaces, areas, décor and create pleasant environments to make every customer’s experience truly unforgettable.


Premises with open areas, wonderful views and unbeatable environments have a great advantage, particularly if these can be used in their favour with viewpoints and wide windows that allow them to make the environment “their own”, in order to “provide” it to their customers as part of their service. If you are in a good location but lacking large windows, you can still take advantage with a terrace. This is an ideal selling point for bar and restaurant owners and can provide its own identity and differentiation to those who can adapt them with a unique design and singularity.


Unfortunately, the cold weather and rain season forces most businesses to close their terraces, except if fitted with often bland enclosures that are detrimental to both the premises and the environment’s attractiveness. Tubbo was created with the purpose of providing spaces in which to live unique outdoor experiences throughout the year. An innovative solution to match the attractiveness of both your premises and the environment thanks to its transparent, elegant design. Tubbo provides a safe, climate controlled shelter to customers in your terrace, so they can live outdoor experiences with total comfort, while allowing you to maintain this important revenue source throughout the year.


Tubbo considerably reduces outside noise and does not require any attachment to surrounding walls or floor, so it can be installed in places where it is difficult to obtain planning permission.

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