Tubbo awarded at the Baanbrekers & Innovation Awards 2016 Horeca Expo in Ghent

The Tubbo gallery sleek and modular design has been awarded in the “Product Disruptive Interior and Decoration” category at the Horeca Expo fair in Ghent.

More than 150 products were presented, but the jury preferred Tubbo -introduced by Abribo (tubbo local distributor)- because of its potential as a temporary shelter for catering purposes or as a permanent covered terrace in hotels, spas or restaurants.

Tubbo gallery is a transparent tubular cylinder 3.6m tall and 2.6m wide forming galleries from 2m to the necessary extent (www.tubbo.com). The advantage of Tubbo is that it is modular and does not alter the ground (It can be placed without civil works as it doesn’t require foundations or anchors). It can be installed even in “hard to reach” places for construction materials, such as terraces or patios and can be easily assembled and disassembled. Its transparent structure and avant-garde and sophisticated design makes Tubbo easy to integrate in urban and historic landscapes or parks and gardens.

Tubbo is a “living” product where the evolution and innovation are continuous. As a portable wheeled gallery for pop up store purposes or Tubbo Transit as walkway between buildings or access to transports, Tubbo fits multiple situations and purposes.

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