Tubbo® at FITUR: open air health and wellnes all year round


Tubbo® has been presented at FITUR with Spaincares, the association that promotes health tourism in Spain, as the perfect solution to create protected health and wellness spaces allowing to enjoy all the benefits of sunlight.

Sunlight brings great benefits to our body. It promotes, among other things, the development of bone structure by helping to synthesize vitamin D through the skin, which in turn is essential for proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

The amount of sunlight also affects the serotonin activity of the brain, and is very important in emotional and cognitive balance and vital energy levels, which makes it a determining factor in the processes of therapy and convalescence.

Tubbo® has the property to turn any outdoor space into a special place where you can benefit from the natural light properties, relax and enjoy the views regardless of weather conditions. It is ideal for clinics, spas, gyms or hotels, creating new spaces for comfort that can be used all year round in areas such as yards, patios, terraces and rooftops that are usually unproductive.


Tubbo® is a transparent modular gallery of avant-garde design ground independent and manufactured with materials of the highest quality. Although it is a resistant, long lasting and useful solution all year round, Tubbo® is easy to install and uninstall. Its elegant transparent design integrates perfectly in any environment, providing a touch of sophistication.

At FITUR, one of the most important tourism trade fairs in the world, thousands of people passed through our Tubbo, this time converted into a massage and beauty treatment room.


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