The fine weather is here: get the most out of your terrace

A terrace protected from the rain, wind and low temperatures can yield 40% more in the summer season

Spring has arrived and the good weather is approaching. Terraces are a magnet for customers, who fill them from the first ray of sunshine, much to the delight of restaurateurs.

The terrace season has its peak between June and mid-September, the warmest days of the year. A terrace accommodating 30 people seated can yield over 3,500 € a day. A simple multiplication gives us an idea of the importance of this “extra” for the hospitality business: € 3,500 x 122 days = € 427,000.

Unfortunately for the business, terraces cannot be utilised every day of that period. In cities such as Paris, of the 122 days between June and September, it usually rains at least 44 (one in three days), making it impossible to enjoy the terraces that are not protected, meaning that an establishment can potentially lose more than € 154,000. In London, the losses due to bad weather would be greater, since rainy days usually account for 49, and in Amsterdam 53 (43% of the days that would lose out on a revenue of over € 185,000). We often have the perception that it rains less in summer, but in cities like Geneva, August is the wettest month of the year.

To ensure revenue from a terrace throughout the summer, and even maintain it throughout the year, the hotelier can resort to different solutions to protect customers from rain, wind or cold to a different extent. When deciding, it is important that the chosen solution does not compromise either the aesthetics of the premises or a pleasant environment for customers.

Our proposal to increase revenue from terraces throughout the year is Tubbo, a modular transparent gallery that, due to its design, adds value to the attractiveness of the premises. Tubbo offers an attractive and customizable space so that customers can live unique experiences regardless of the temperature, rain or wind conditions, since they are fully protected. Tubbo makes it easier to obtain municipal permits as it does not require fixing to the floor or walls and noise emission is reduced.

Tubbo has a better cost-benefit ratio than other traditional enclosures and can be assembled without building works in just one day. If you want to know more about how Tubbo can enhance your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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