Tubbo renews its image


New logo and website to bring Tubbo experiences closer


Tubbo has renewed its logo, now with a more modern aesthetic and with an iconic element that visually identifies the product. In addition, all elements of corporate identity, such as fonts, colors and designs have been revised to make them more attractive. The change is not only aesthetic, Tubbo has just launched its new website at http://www.tubbo.com, easier to navigate, with more information and, more important, with the aim to continuously update its contents.

The new website is designed to make easier the contact with the company to interested clients or distributors, but also to all those fascinated by industrial design, modular and sustainable architecture, urbanism, or the world of experiences that Tubbo, as a visionary concept which will provide you with a brand new outdoor experience, can offer.


In addition to multiple options to get in touch with Tubbo, the new website offers a blog where, in addition to Tubbo news, ideas, avant-garde trends and information about architecture, industrial design, urbanism or landscaping will be collected.


You can follow the news about the different content through Facebook and Linkedin. In the new website, nine specific landpages have been published so that each type of audience can find quickly content that suits their interests. There is adaptations for experiences in the world “horeca”, for retail use, advertising and events, to the world of wellness, beauty and sport, to ski, education and children shelters, as a smoking cabin, as a pavilion in private gardens and of course, uses as a passage gallery to interconnect buildings, transport terminals or to ease urban mobility.


Tubbo renews itself to better connect with all the people who want to offer new experiences outdoors but in a comfortable environment protected from the weather conditions.


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