TUBBO Karaoke Bar is almost ready, because ALLES FÜR DEN GAST HERBST 2019 is here!

Do you like to sign? and dance? Then you will love our staging for this year. The Tubbo Karaoke Bar is going to be a great party!

Come and show us your talent by performing your best show!

We will be waiting for you from 9th to 13th of November in Salzburg, Austria to present TUBBO Outdoor Enclosures with all its news and features.

In the Stand 005a! of the Outdoor Area. Don´t miss the chance to come! We are organizing a great show for all the visitors that want to know us more closer!

It is a perfect occasion to watch and learn about the market innovation and trends, being able to spot new opportunities to improve your business brand with new tools and procedures.
Companies will be offering their best customer experience services on behalf of their hospitality brands!

Alles für den Gast Herbst is a high standard hospitality festival for restaurants, hotels, bars and hospitality agents to present their products and services. It a really nice opportunity for networking and sharing the same interests. We have big plans to make our customers deeply understand the TUBBO concept by creating a unique event! Dont miss the date!

In Tubbo outdoor enclosures, we cover that seasonal need. We provide our clients to open their rooftops and terraces all year round, while making your customers and guests adventures unforgettable. We are commited to improve your restaurant terraces.

As trusted suppliers, we develop a wide range of heating and cooling systems to create the perfect environment for your new concept, maybe is a chocolate hall, or maybe a beach club, or just a quiet classy room to relax. Whatever is your project, you can create it inside our unique design, eye-catching shelter!

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