TUBBO Experience

TUBBO Experience is real.

We are starting this year 2020 really motivated. We are improving hospitality all around Europe!

Now that is cold outside is easier to understand Tubbo´s purpose. Restaurants and bars are closing their terrace because of the bad weather. New ways to attract new clientele are needed.

The TUBBO Experience is perfect for hotels, rooftops, or any other hospitality business that owns an outside area. They are usually closed by these times, and is a great idea to cover the outdoor space, closing the terrace with TUBBO Winter Terraces to extend their seats and services.

If you haven´t created your TUBBO concept yet you still have time to do so! Contact us if you wish to learn more about augmented hospitality!

Check out the latest projects we assembled around Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Milan!

In Tubbo Outdoor Covers, we cover that seasonal need. We provide our clients to open their rooftops and terraces all year round, while making your customers and guests adventures unforgettable. We are commited to improve your restaurant terraces.

As trusted suppliers, we develop a wide range of heating and cooling systems to create the perfect environment for your new concept, maybe is a chocolate hall, or maybe a beach club, or just a quiet classy room to relax. Whatever is your project, you can create it inside our unique design, eye-catching shelter!

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