We need our personal space. A place where we can concentrate in peace and harmony.


The intimacy of a Tubbo enclosure provides a quiet and comfortable area to study, meditate, play guitar or listen to our favourite podcasts away from our usual routines. It is essential for a balanced mind and a fantastic tool for unlocking our potential. With our minds at peace, we can spend quality time with our families. When we separate work from home and do it in a way that is healthy and productive for both, the reward is greater and the results are much more satisfying. We need to be sure that we can find the time and especially the place to focus on our ambitions.

People are starting to invest more in improving their homes and outdoor spaces. Terraces and open spaces will become our favourite places if they are well equipped and well covered. Outdoor means quality. TUBBO designs indoor spaces that are fully integrated into the outdoor landscape. A unique pavilion for your garden.

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