Tubbo 365

Outdoor bubble dome restaurant terrace at Parkhotel Gunten


The new generation pergola Tubbo 365 is here, with fully automatic windows.

Open in summer, closed in winter. Tubbo is a new generation pergola that can be transformed into a warm shelter during the coldest days of winter and into a shaded, ventilated space during the warmer days of summer.

With Tubbo outdoor enclosures, we meet this seasonal need. We want our customers to be able to open their roofs and terraces all year round, while providing an unforgettable experience for their customers and guests. We are committed to improving your outdoor figures.

As a trusted supplier, we develop a wide range of heating and cooling systems to create the perfect environment for your new concept, be it a chocolate lounge, a beach club or simply a quiet, stylish space to relax. Whatever your project, you can create it inside our uniquely designed, eye-catching shelters!


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