MY PLACE by TUBBO. A new concept for home working and hospitality.

COVID 19 has changed our lifestyle. Somethings will pass and others will remain. Working and learning from home will shift back to presential tasks but with the sanitary crisis we have all realized that working from home is an option that is here to stay. Unfortunately, this likely will not be the last quarantine we are faced with. Sometimes from Monday to Friday, sometimes during the weekend or sometimes while kids are having dinner, having our own comfortable, independent and prepared area to concentrate is a great improvement to our lifestyle. We have tested it ourselves and it works.

  • TUBBO travels compactly in truck.
  • It is assembled by hand.
  • No cranes are required.
  • It can be installed in any outdoor space, garden, terrace or rooftop.
  • No concrete floor required.
  • Installation will be done by assembly specialists trained by TUBBO. Same day installation.
  • Plug and play installation.

Confinement has taught us many things, one of them is that we need our personal space. A place where we can concentrate in peace and harmony. Creating an independent and isolated area will improve the rest of the things that we do without interference from others. TUBBO creates that space: independent and transparent- as you are.The intimacy of a My Space capsule provides a quiet and personal area to study, meditate, play guitar or listen to our favorite podcasts away from our usual routines. It is essential for a balanced mind and a fantastic tool to exploit our potential. Having our minds at ease provides us quality time with our families. When we separate work from home, and do it in such a way that it is healthy and productive for both parts, the reward is superior and the results are much more gratifying. We need to have the certainty that we will find the time, and especially the place, to concentrate on our ambitions.

Homes used to be the place to go after work to have dinner and rest. That has changed. Now our homes are also our schools, our gyms, our offices and our reading rooms. People are starting to invest more improving their homes and outdoors. Terraces and open spaces will become our preferred places if they are well equipped. Outdoors means quality. TUBBO designs indoor spaces fully integrated into outdoor landscapes.

Natural light, sightseeing, transparency, outdoor experience, shelter controlled privacy. Among many other things, My Space by TUBBO offers a unique solution to experience the outdoors whilst staying indoors. Weather elements controlled while enjoying the landscape.


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