Why Tubbo?

Today we are ready to experience nature again with the comforts we have achieved in our evolutionary process. We can watch the rain fall without getting wet, contemplate the wind without getting dishevelled, observe animals in their habitat and still be protected. From the bed, embracing our partner and with a good bottle of wine.

Immersion in nature and total comfort.

Why Tubbo? Transparency, comfort and privacy

The Experience

We wanted to redesign the way we look at the stars. We thought of a place where you could safely enjoy the outdoors, where you could feel the rain, the wind or the snow. To be able to enjoy nature and the elements without feeling the cold or the heat.

This passion for observing the sky has led to the design of incredibly attractive structures with 180º panoramic views of the outside world.

A galaxy of emotions and unforgettable moments, surrounded by nature and breathtaking landscapes. All in a safe and elegant environment, designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. A very different experience, protected from the inside but as if you were outside.

Interested in building your own glamping business?

Download our catalogue to learn more about our Tubbo glamping cabins:

A cabin romance under the sky

The modular concept allows for quick and easy assembly, making it an ideal, cost-effective and attractive solution for protecting people from extreme weather conditions. Extend your hospitality, create your own glamping enclosure concept. Perfect for increasing guest flow and profitability.

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