Ephemeral Architecture Certificate

The TUBBO Ephemeral Architecture Certificate guarantees our products as temporary structures.

This certification is a useful tool when applying for planning permission from town halls. It shows that TUBBO is a structure that doesn’t need to be fixed to the ground.

Once removed, the result is the same as before. It is a temporary structure that can be erected and dismantled quickly and dryly.

This Ephemeral Architecture certificate also guarantees that Tubbo Lounge LO-2800 is a modular and lightweight outdoor structure that solves the need to temporarily enclose a space to protect it from the elements (rain, wind, snow…), especially in the hospitality sector.

Its shell is transparent to minimise the visual impact where it is placed. This system has a very sophisticated design with the aim of making it visually very simple and to get a really quick assembly and disassembly that takes between 2-3 days.

The system is designed to withstand wind and snow loads.

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